Lower rib pain in athletes

Lower rib pain in athletes

Playing sport and leading an active lifestyle has countless benefits for our health and well-being. However, intense training and physical exertion can sometimes result in minor or major injuries or discomfort. One common form of this discomfort is rib pain under the breasts, which can be particularly familiar to those active in the fitness field. But what might be behind it and how can it be treated?

Causes of lower rib pain

  • Rib fracture or crack: Excessive exertion or a poorly performed exercise can easily lead to injuries. In the case of a rib fracture or crack, there is a sharp, sharp pain that becomes worse with deep breathing, coughing or movement.
  • Inflammation of the joints between the ribs and the spine can cause rib pain under the breast. This problem is often caused by excessive or inappropriate strain, poor posture or injury.
  • Muscle strain or spasm: Muscle strain often develops due to overuse of the muscles in the chest, leading to under-breast pain.

Prevention and treatment

  • Proper warm-up: Warming up is essential before any exercise. Properly prepared muscles are less vulnerable.
  • Correct technique.
  • Stretching: Stretching after exercise helps muscles to relax, reducing the risk of cramping.
  • Rest and recovery: it is important to rest for a sufficient period of time after an injury and to avoid straining the affected area.
  • Anti-inflammatories and painkillers.
  • Physiotherapy.

Lower rib pain is not only uncomfortable, but can also negatively affect sports performance. It is important to seek professional advice when you experience pain, as there may be a more serious problem behind the symptoms. However, with proper precaution, correct training technique and careful care of your muscles, you can avoid a lot of discomfort. Exercise wisely and listen to your body’s signals!

Source of the article, wowmagazin.hu online magazine.