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AES sport specific, personal training and body transformation programs are available in the Houston, Northwest Houston, West Houston, Copperfield, Cy-Fair, Cypress, and Katy areas.

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Welcome to Advanced Exercise Sciences, Beyond Personal Training!

Welcome to Advanced Exercise Sciences the home of the only complete strength and conditioning-personal training program and private personal training facility in the Houston, Northwest Houston, West Houston, Copperfield, Cy-Fair, Cypress, and Katy areas. As the owner of AES, I am committed to molding better, stronger, and healthier bodies through elite training and science. With my degree in Exercise Science and minor in Human Nutrition and Foods, I am more than a certified personal trainer, I am a strength and conditioning coach and fat loss expert with over 20 years of experience to serve my clients. With my help you can change your body and your life!

How Fast Is Your Metabolism?

Everyone has a unique metabolic rate. Scientific studies show that even people with similar attributes like age, height, weight, and body composition can have very different metabolic rates. This means that if your metabolic rate is lower than average, you may gain weight even while dieting

AES is Unique. While many personal trainers in the area will give you a generic one size fits all workout program and send you to the treadmill to fend for yourself and hope for the best, AES offers complete personal training programs that deliver results along with the support to make it happen! Using our science-based programming, we leave nothing to chance. By designing workouts based on biomechanics, physiology exercise science, and resting metabolic rate testing, our complete, individualized personal training and nutrition programs are meticulously planned in order to achieve results in minimal time.

AES clients are achieving visible and lasting results by training SMARTER not HARDER!
Our programs do require work and commitment to change your life for the better but we will show you how to train smarter. Now that you are serious about getting into shape, feeling more energetic, losing fat, and looking great without wasting your time and money, this is the most important web site you will ever see!


Train Smarter Not Harder!

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An AES Strength & Conditioning Coach/Personal Trainer?

If you want the Best Results, you seek an expert. Often, people fail to achieve their goals because they are misled by so many fitness and weight loss myths and lies. Personal Trainers and Coaches from AES are able to arm you with the knowledge to be successful because they have the education and the experience to get results.


AES Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Personal Trainers can provide the emotional support that you need while helping you transform your body and minds. We can provide the extra "push" to keep you on track to meet goals.


As in other areas of life, you will have more success if someone holds you accountable to your stated objectives. It is NO different when it comes to exercise and eating correctly. Our certified and knowledgeable Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Personal Trainers will provide the science and accountability that you need to reach your goals!


Clients of AES experience dramatically increased energy and stamina in their everyday life, overall improvement in self confidence and self esteem as well as drastic differences in the shape of their bodies and increased performance in their chosen sports. Seeing is believing!

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